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    Security Guards & Dog Patrols

    24 hrs routine check and they are capable of handling all security matters as may arise...

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    CCTV design & Installation

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    Fire Alarms & Equipment

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We offer guarding services as per your request to any clients facility. Guarding in Kenya is traditionally based on individuals who are poorly sourced, little or no vetting at all, lack training, low remuneration and therefore leading to poor performance and bad service.

Our Security Personnel are trained on Health, Safety and Environment, Fire fighting skills, Drills, Responses, Rescuing, Surveillance and other exclusive services. All our guards undergo thorough vetting before they are admitted in our training centre. Our guards go through a one-month training period that covers security guarding duties and practice. Casa security recruits security guards who have the following qualifications:
Age 24 to 40, Height 5.9, Hand written application form, KCSE academic papers, Certificate of good conduct, Letter from the chief/Church, Letters from two referees and photocopies of their ID cards, Map of home area, Two colored passport photos.
•    Reporting and record keeping-The guards are well trained in incident reporting and record keeping. They are provided with an Occurrence book, which they fill on a daily basis. They can also be used as tally clerks to control movements of stock in/out of the premises.
•    Searching procedures-Our guards will carry out thorough checks on all items entering and leaving the premises and operational areas. This will curb any losses of small, but valuable items and thus completely seal any loop holes.
•    Fire safety-Your operations involve potential risks of fire. Our guards are thoroughly trained and exposed to fire fighting drills. They will also identify any objects or exposures that cause fire and take appropriate measures immediately.
•    Access procedures-The guards undergo training on how to timely and accurately respond to emergencies and disasters. They will also ensure that the environment is safe and free of threats to your operations.
•    Patrolling-Guards are trained in patrol procedures and will continuously patrol your premises and surroundings to ensure that there are no suspicious characters or threat to security.
•    First Aid-They are trained in first aid and shall provide assistance in the site of assignment to accident victims.

Our guards will be equipped with mobile phones thus they will be reachable, they can call for help or seek clarification on any issue. The guards are also issued with Standard operating procedures for working at a specific assignment to ensure they perform their duties as expected.

Supervision and monitoring of our guards performance is key in ensuring that the guard performs as expected. This ensures that the guard performance is to the expected standards and he/she adheres to the code of conduct.

Guards are regularly and randomly checked by our supervisors while on motorbikes and our management do undertake random spot-check.  We also have very qualified senior officers of the company who supervises the guard on a 24 hrs routine check and they are capable of handling all security matters as may arise.
Supervision entails the following but not limited to;
•    Checks for punctuality and attendance.
•    Alertness and integrity.
•    Motivation.
•    Site checks for security situations appraisals.
•    Collection of field reports

The supervision is augmented by senior managers also conduct impromptu spot-checks at our customer’s premises to ensure that our supervisors and guards are rendering quality services which therefore means that our clients gets the best for their money.
Our security personnel are rewarded for good work and we firmly believe that excellent compensation rates form an integral part in the factors needed to motivate personnel in the Security Industry.
We will also pay special attention to the other factors which motivate our people: for example, the uniform and his pride in wearing it, the attention and recognition of management, the on-going training, the quality of his equipment, variation in work routine, how problems are resolved, the length of leave and his rest periods.