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    Security Guards & Dog Patrols

    24 hrs routine check and they are capable of handling all security matters as may arise...

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    CCTV design & Installation

    Sense of peace and security at all times for yourself and your business...

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    Fire Alarms & Equipment

    Fire detection and alarm equipment with remote signalling to designated individuals or centre...

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The company is built around professionals who have extensive experience in commercial and residential security.

We provide well-tailored security solutions and are able to provide quality-integrated security services   and respond to situations with efficiency.
Our broad client base bears testimony to our ability to ensure that our clients' needs are met and their security risks reduced.

A broad base of expertise, experience and resources ensures that we deliver the best results attainable for each assignment.

The sophisticated skills of our highly qualified team of experts combined with their commitment to excellence further add value and often create additional opportunities for our clients.

At CASA security services we will only commit to a potential project or a contract if we know that we can meet and deliver the requirements according to our own unique high standards and service levels.

A project will never be accepted unless we are sure that we have the resources to deliver.... read more>>