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    Security Guards & Dog Patrols

    24 hrs routine check and they are capable of handling all security matters as may arise...

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    CCTV design & Installation

    Sense of peace and security at all times for yourself and your business...

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    Fire Alarms & Equipment

    Fire detection and alarm equipment with remote signalling to designated individuals or centre...

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CCTV Services are the most widely used services that can provide you with a sense of peace and security at all times for yourself and your business.

•    Fixed & IP CCTV systems
•    Covert surveillance equipment
•    Digital incident recording cameras
•    Structured and professional camera installation
•    Automated building management systems
•    Integrated Modular Access Control Systems
•    Integrated Vehicular Access Barriers
•    Automatic intruder alarm systems for commercial and residential applications
•    Cluster alarms for townhouse and flat complexes
•    Fixed and remote panic button systems
•    Anti-hijack and integrated vehicle security systems
•    Retail & Financial institution security systems