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    Security Guards & Dog Patrols

    24 hrs routine check and they are capable of handling all security matters as may arise...

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    CCTV design & Installation

    Sense of peace and security at all times for yourself and your business...

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    Fire Alarms & Equipment

    Fire detection and alarm equipment with remote signalling to designated individuals or centre...

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Casa has the capability and the personnel to assist clients with the design of appropriate security systems including Access Control, CCTV, alarms, perimeter fences and walls, remotely operated gates, barriers and fire systems. Our technicians are fully trained and certified, carry the appropriate tools and work to given schedules.

Finally, we stand ready to maintain systems on a routine and periodic basis.
Our experience has shown that clients often leave security systems until after they have installed other systems such as electrical, plumbing etc and thus fail to properly integrate Security Systems from the outset. This can lead to an unsatisfactory and often unsightly result. Early inclusion in your planning process allows us to work closely with you to achieve the desired results, in as efficient and successful manner as possible.
Residential or Community Security Integration

•    Vehicle barriers – manned and automatic
•    Fencing – conventional/ energized/ sesored
•    Dedicated area vehicle and dog patrols
•    Grouped SMS alarm notification systems
•    Security lighting
•    Vehicle and pedestrian gates and turnstiles
•    Residents ID card services
•    CCTV and RFID vehicle recognition systems
•    Intercoms, door systems and access control